We are so excited to have our family and friends come together in Sweden this summer to help us celebrate our wedding.

Sweden is a very special place for us. It is deeply entwined with the history of our relationship and is present in our daily lives. Michele spent every summer of her childhood, and several full years, living in Sweden. Of course, her mother, Hjördis, was born there and has owned a home in the countryside for decades. The roots run deep.

And, as most of you know, we have spent several weeks in Sweden every summer since Linnea was born in 2009. Since Grandma Hjördis moved back in 2014, we have also begun spending Christmas there as well. We now have so many important connections that throwing a ‘fest på landet’ just felt like the right thing to do.

For our American friends and family, we also want to acknowledge how big a commitment it is to travel to Sweden. We realize not everyone can or wants to make such a trip. We also know and feel that California is our home and that it too should be part of our wedding experience. So, we will also be hosting a celebration in California in the spring of 2017. Hopefully, we can expect a Swedish contingent and raise a glass of aquavit to go with the tri-tip.

Click on for more details and we hope to see you all in Sörmland in July!

Love, Michele & Scott